Mac black screen of death but wait

Tried all the steps suggested but still turns on to white Apple screen, starts to load, and then abruptly goes to black screen. Non of these fixes worked unfortunately. Mine is Pro. Tool bar works. Totally lost how to fix now. Well that really screwed me up. I was at least able to see my desktop on a second screen and access files from another computer on the network.

All that happens is I hear a voice telling me to use English press the return key. External devices do still power on when plugged into the machine example — I can plug in my iPhone charger and the machine registers and will charge my iPhone. My keyboard illuminates just fine.

My problem: The laptop starts either by sound and apple logo with loading bar and it crashes mid-way to it or with sound and no visual. It really rarely lets me to the login screen but crashes during it or after login. I managed to put off the graphics card switching before crashing. The computer heats up a little and fans keep on blowing quietly.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me when new comments are added. Table of Contents. Same issue nothing works. Randomly had a black screen after I woke up after falling asleep the previous night. Fan is running quietly per usual. Tried all of the resets. MagSafe adapter works fine, light is green. Apple logo on the back is not illuminated. Definitely not the brightness. I tried! Anyone have anymore advice?

However there are several tips you can try to fix it. Before doing anything, you may want to make sure that you have a copy of your information to use if your Mac becomes unusable. So you may want to try backing up now before doing anything. Backing up may be possible even if your Mac does not boot.

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If you have already backups, then you may skip this step. Here is how to back up your mac that will not start up :. Please check to see by rebooting your Mac if your issue if resolved after performing each step. After disconnecting everything, try restarting your computer. If you Mac starts without any issue, this means that one of your accessories is causing this.

Try safe mode or safe boot if you Mac does not start up. Safe mode is diagnostic mode designed to fix OS problems. Thus safe mode can be a useful troubleshooting method. Here is how you can start your computer in safe mode. Please follow these steps:.

I have a Mac. Thanks for sharing! I have got an iMac at work with this Apple logo issue. I did try something which nearly worked but not quite fixed it. The thing is the White iMac is technically still in classic. Someone replied to my apple community about it. I think safe mode might do it or reinstall from boot disc. This is very much a relevant issue.

It is probably worth backing up for me because of the software. I will keep trying. I have tried safe mode and holding down command r.

What causes a Macbook Pro black screen?

The one I tried before was holding option key down. We still have the problem. I am starting to wonder if reinstalling Mac OS will even work. The minute I enter my password, the screen goes grey. That was a while ago. The white screen comes on, the logo show up, it takes about minutes for the black bar to complete its loading and then…it just gets stuck.

How to fix Mac black screen and won't turn on?

I have the same issue and I am wondering how to fix this. Please if anyone has any suggestions, I am all open ears. I found that this worked: 1. Disconnect the batteri and make a cup of coffee while the power is totally off 2. Connect the battery again 3. Turn on the computer with opt pressed 6. Choose recovery 7. Start terminal from the recovery menu 8.

Have you already tried everything else?

Check what time it is at your watch or phone in the terminal write Date for the third of feb at in the morning 9. Start the computer again. HI, I have tried all this but the blank screen of death continues. The safe mode works fine so it seems not to be a problem with my screen but every time I start it up….

Fixing a Black Screen on Wake from Sleep on Mac

I am very frustrated. You guys ever work this out? Having the exact same problem here. Please please help thanks.

Hi mac jus suddently went off and when i tried putting it on a whit screen came on and the apple sign while loading it went off again what do i do to fix this….. Plz tell me. Just solved it.

Had to start verbose mode. None of steps above helped, as I was getting WSoD before safe mode boot was complete. Second time success. Selected startup disk, rebooted and it worked like magic. At least for now. Do you recover over internet first and then verbose mode? Ive been able to go to recover over internet mode, but after it went white again. Turned it off and tried verbose and after it finished it went white again. Any suggestions? I tried 4 times in a row to do the verbose boot with no luck.

I dont know what else to try. I have the same problem. This is happened the day after I installed Sierra. This is exactly what im dealing with. First i was getting vertical pink lines, then i tried to delete my Lion partition and now i cant boot into anything except cmmd- S. No system recovery. Its insane and i cant find th r answer anywhere. Pls help.. Searched the world over and found my huckleberry.

Thanks for your post. What will happen to all data like movies music and personal files? It just happened today with square box saying in 4 languages you you have to restart the computer now. Nothing was active. After turn it on again the problem started. It is the keyboard key that has the Apple logo on it a curly thing. It is the key next to the space bar. After trying multiple other ways to get my computer back, his worked for me — thanks so much!!! This worked! I tried so many things, thank you so much! Dont know if it matters, but I found it helped when it was plugged in!

I have this problem with white screen on both my iMac and Mac pro. I have tried everything! This problem must be software related!

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It is not possible that both my mac computers go white… It must be something corrupt with the latest updates from Apple. I got it working one time when rebooting it with my Applications install disc but that was the only time. My Mac pro starts up with white screen but I realized when I push the DVD out when I hear the starting sound the Apple logo appears and the computer is loading and It works!

So after having this problem for months and tried everything possible I now understand it has to be software related! I have also checked for Virus but nothing. Read my comment I wrote today. It might be because of disk rights. I though also it might be software related as my osx snowleopard worked without update! After update it didnt start but instead stopped on starting with white screen after apple logo.

I installed osx again on the first part of the disk as I had partition split in G and G. Dont know if that really matters but you hard drive rights must be checked and fixed with disk utility. I get the same issue as well!! It worked perfectly well this morning, then it suddenly turned itself off!! When I tried to turn it back on, that bloody white screen appeared. Please help. Hi there, I have a MAc, desktop, worked fine until it started to freeze, shuts down then restarts again. I am running El-Capitan, not sure of the version.

Thanks so much for the detailed methods of getting rid of this problem. You pointed out each step clearly, so I knew what to look for. Other explanations omitted when to press and release keys. Thank you.