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Is the first one I ever buy. I had before an HP laptop, and I think the Mac is a lot much better. Is that a software? Where I can get it? At a Loss — yes the warnings are there because something can go wrong, and the consequences are tricky probably replacement of the drive.

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In the end you have to do a risk-benefit analysis which you do every time you cross the road. Benji — you need to let people know what the actual piece of hardware is inside your external drive — is it a Matshita drive, for example? Unless your machine has one of the Matshita drives, then there is nothing perplexing about the fact that your machine works using VLC.

The same is true of your external drive, some of which also contain Matshita drives. The one I bought did, but happily it was already set to rpc1. Thanks for the tip on getting Front Row to work, though. Mark — do a search for UJ85J on forum. Read my response to Yann for the reason. It may be that your drive is already rpc-1, or else it may be that the DVDs that say they are Region2 are actually RegionAll. I am not an expert, but when I have read postings from people that are, it seems that there is no simple way round the Matshita security without doing the firmware flashing.

I am glad to say that I have heard that Matshita have now stopped taking this approach — forums. This is because the there is some built-in checking in the drive with some encryption that stops you reading the DVD in the first place.

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Gerardo — if you google vlc, the software appears as the first item — it is a media player. It is free, but not as polished as the Apple media players. Apple — in case you take any notice of what people write about you please stop doing this… please stop using Matshita drives or set them to rpc1 in the factory. Your customers deserve better. I shall be discouraging friends from buying Macs on these grounds. Any suggestions? Most posts deal with versions of the Matshita DVD player.

Is there a suitable replacement for MY Matshita that I can buy and install? Or would using a program like VLC be the best way? My old Dell laptop played them with no problem, if I am unable to find a solution, I will be forced to sell my Mac are revert to a Windows based machine. European expat in HK here…so I spent last 3hrs researching the issue, looks like no hope for me. And you know what? Why should I? Instead, I downloaded a torrent client…. I agree with many about the piracy of movies.

Until I actually get what I pay for and can play a movie in any drive and any region I will not ever purchase another movie. I do support companies like Netflix and Quickflix for rentals, but until the aforementioned is cleared up, I vote for movie piracy and the hacking necessary to make things work like they should.

Im working along admin nelsoncommunitylaw. Or have you had better luck with anything specific? Not foolproof but for those wary of flashing firmware. Allows you to watch and record simultaneously. This worked on my intel iMac.

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Back on the Mac use mplayer to open the file. Its not finished, but the linux VM will keep writing sequentially and the Mac will keep reading the file as its written On a decent machine its written faster than you watch it but you might want to wait 15 mins or so …. The irony… I only wanted to watch the freakin DVD not copy it but hey.. In summary, what option do I have with or without losing warranty? I have a Mac. I love my Mac.

It, and by extension I, are better than PC users. Unfortunately, I have to keep going back to my PC whenever I wanna do something other than karaoke on my beloved Mac. I have a new Macbook Pro. I was under the impression that the first time you played a DVD, it set the region to the one of that disc. If you wan to directly play your dvd movies from dvd disc, first you need to copy the dvd to dvd player media, which can be playable on Apple DVD Player.

However it assumed a region 2 setting for itself when I inserted a region 2 dvd. So do not bank on being able to play multiple region DVDs by not setting the region in firmware.

RPC1 Firmware UJ-875 please

Now my computer has had its 5 changes and is stuck on Region 4. However the Mac accessories Air Superdrive only works with a MacAir so no good for me — thanks to the reviews! Has anyone bought or know of anything that will work on my MacBook that is region free and relatively compact for travel? Thank you for this blog — an any assistance. Any other suggestions? It is most disappointing as I really like everything else with my Mac and have been a Mac user for years since first Mac SE — yes long time. I am really annoyed by this behavior, I am also wondering if it is legal.

Apple does the same for i-tunes, even worst, if you try to buy music from a store outside the country you are in is not possible. Today I tried playing a DVD movie for the first time. Why is this of particular concern for me?

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And I need the machine for a Monday morning flight. Win7 never fails me. That is what I have been doing for decades now. I have been writing since I was 12 years old and never knew it would turn out to be a full-time career. I have also been able to manage several projects that involves writing. And I worked in three organizations as a volunteer to assist people. My hobbie has always been to help people succeed. And I go the extra mile to make that happen. I enjoy writing academic papers and have helped people from countries like Canada.

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