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Over a year ago, I spent 2 months trying to find the answer to this question. In terms of creation, editing, and quality and I use the term quality extremely loosely when it comes to gif , this is way better than anything else I tested. A bit more expensive and complicated than the other options though. I personally love using Giphy Capture. Tons of useful features live adjusting playback speed, editing length of captures, setting gif quality. It's pretty handy. It's simple and easy to use. The best way to answer this question is with another question — what type of GIF are you trying to create?

Best free tool for fine-tuning video files, links to videos e. Thanks a ton guys! I've used Licecap on my Windows device earlier and downloaded it for Mac too, but couldn't get it to work the same way. Just joined this community and your responses are overwhelming. Thanks once again :. Your own GIF is ready to be saved and shared. Like creating GIFs? What I like a lot about this app is that it makes creating GIFs from photos and videos pretty simple. Giphy Capture is the simplest yet powerful app.

PicGIF for Mac

If you want to create a short and sweet animated GIF then, you can definitely go with this app. Giphy Capture offers super easy editing features. Pick any loop and adjust it to the frame. Moreover, you can give animated captions to add style to your GIF.

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This will make your GIF more attention-grabbing. GIF To Live is an epitome of advancements. It is packed with hi-end features that help you create brilliant GIFs. Its innovative frame organizer helps you create out of the box animations. You can drag and drop animations according to frames.

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Besides this, you can reverse animations and custom layouts to make it more personalized. Want to try this custom-built app? Go ahead, get the most out of its elegant features! You can browse through the entire collection and choose the ones that seem perfect for your message. Oh yeah, it also features tons of trending GIFs so that your messaging time remains in the top gear.

You can use the app to save your favorite GIFs. If you want to create a special collection, you would really appreciate this feature. That aside, you will be able to use it with several apps including iMessage, Slack, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit and more.

You can set the GIFs loop counts and frame duration.

Simply, drag and drop images to frames. You can even change the order of frames. Once saved, you can export or share GIFs with your colleagues, friends, and family. That creates a screen capture of just the window you clicked and saves it to the desktop. Open that file in Preview.

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Choose Save As from the File menu. Select GIF as the file type. Name the file something meaningful like animation. Click the Sidebar button in the toolbar. Select all of these new screenshots on the desktop, and drag them to the Preview window as shown below so that you tell Preview to add the images to the sequence you began as opposed to simply opening more files, which it will do if you drag too low on the sidebar.

Continue with more frames, and save your GIF. Thank you Robert for a really good explanation of to easily create animated gifs. I have followed the steps and it works fine.

Create animated GIFs |

Is there another way to add looping or interframe delay? For that matter, you probably could have done screen captures direct to file and then used ImageMagick to build the gif directly. I cannot find it in the newest Mac Preview. Great Tutorial! My tip for you guys: if 0. Effectively then 10 copies played at 0. When you have the sidebar open, Preview shows you all the frames within the GIF initially just one frame.

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Good luck. When I drag the second image to the drawer, it can only go above or below the first image, not over the top of it. There is no option to combine the two images, so my Preview is a non-animation version. Same as Lance!

Creating Animated GIFs from the Command Line in Mac OS X Using Convert

I can only place more files above or below the existing file in the preview sidebar. What version did you build the tutorial with? Maybe it was introduced later. Which version of OS X has Preview 4.

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  • Even though I have all the frames, when I go to save the image as a GIF, it saves only 1 frame usually the first one selected when selecting all of them. The last screenshot above shows what it ought to look like when you drag a subsequent frame onto the GIF.

    I have the latest version, but it looks like our sidebars are a little different. My pictures are saved as. How would one modify this so that one could run an Automator script or an AppleScript to automatically both record and then combine this stuff on-the-fly?

    How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop - Adobe Creative Cloud

    I tried for almost an hour on a 4. Thanks for the tutorial!! Lots more choices, including gifs. Thanks Bay Sweetwater. But the guys at Apple sure are trying to make life as difficult as possible for their customers, hiding away more and more options that used to be in the open. Like the dock left button. Works as of I hope to provide something again and aid others such as you helped me.