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Categories: tips. Continuing our run down of the sharing preference pane, Bluetooth Sharing allows you to easily share files via Bluetooth with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

How to transfer music from Mac to Android

The devices do not have to be Apple products they can be Android phones for example. It can be a convenient way of transferring files when two computers are not on the same network, however the transfer speeds are quite slow compared with Ethernet or Wi-Fi networking. Special attention should be paid to which folder you allow other Bluetooth devices to browse, as if you leave Bluetooth Sharing turned on it is not as secure as other protocols and could allow unwanted people to access your Mac when you are in a public place.

A very functional robust app to sync iTunes with Android. Audio tracks in iTunes library are organized by playlists, albums, artists and genres, and SyncMate transfers your music with their metadata and album covers. You can create playlists right in the SyncMate - select tracks or playlists, and press Sync.

Top 5 Ways to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Phones

If you prefer good old drag-and-drop, SyncMate can mount your Android as an external drive. Tick Mount Device Automatically in the Summary of your device and you will have access to all files and folders from both internal and external storages of the device. Apart from media files SyncMate allows you to sync pretty much everything between Mac and Android. Takes a while, but this is perhaps the safest way to do it - there is little chance that you lose your data or encounter a syncing issue, if you transfer music to Android manually.

Once the syncing is complete, you can use any media player on Android to playback the files.

First, you need to locate your iTunes library on the computer - it is usually a set of folders with AAC files inside. Click on the picture of the phone to start transferring the music you selected to your Samsung smartphone. First, you will need to download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac.

To do so, you will need to go to "Settings", and then choose "More" under wireless and network. After that, choose Connect to Storage PC.

Transfer your music to Android manually

You will get a message telling you to connect your USB cable to use mass storage. Double click on Android File Transfer on Mac in order to open it in case it did not open automatically when you paired the two devices with the USB cable.

  • Top 5 Ways to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Phones.
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  • How Do I Send Files Between My MacBook and My Android Phone Using Bluetooth?.

After that, use the Finder on your Mac to navigate to the Android phone. Once you have done that, you can drag and drop your music files from your Mac to the Android phone easily. Back Explore. Android Toolbox. Card Recovery Solutions Photo Recovery.

Transfer Files via Bluetooth

Mac Recovery Data Recovery Tips. Recover Data. WhatsApp Transfer. Download Download.

How Do I Send Files Between My MacBook and My Android Phone Using Bluetooth?

Part 1. Transfer media files between Android and iTunes. Fully compatible with all Android versions that run on Android phones and tablets. There are multiple ways by which you can easily transfer pictures from one Android device to another. To ge. Best Tips to Move files from Android to PC For those who want to move file from Android to PC but fail to get any idea about it, read the ways mentioned in this article and get the clouds of doubt cleared.